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Double or triple your reading speed in two-day Speed Reading – Photoreading Course in London, UK

“I read more in 90 minutes with you than in 1 month before” Manager, London

What is speed reading?

Speed reading techniques increase the speed at which you can read while still understanding. Speed reading is similar to conventional reading in that you scan your eyes down the page, consciously taking in information as you go. However, the major difference between speed reading and conventional reading is that with speed reading you learn to ignore irrelevant or repeated information as you look for ‘hot spots’ or ‘trigger words’ (key information).

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Learn speed reading on 2-day speed reading course in London

On our speed reading course in London, you will not only learn all the speed reading techniques and speed reading tips which enable you to read faster, but also the five-step photoreading process (of which speed reading is just one part), plus additional reading techniques and strategies which you can personalise to create your own strategic reading program ideally suited to your particular needs.

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Take our speed reading – photoreading test 

If any of these statements below describe you, speed reading and photoreading will definitely enhance your reading skills for work, study or personal development.
1. I am a poor reader.
2. Reading is a chore. I put it off as long as possible.
3. I always feel overwhelmed by the amount I’ve got to read.
4. I read really slowly.
5. I never mark or write in my books.
6. I feel I might miss something if I don’t read from cover to cover.
7. I always read in the same way, no matter what I’m reading.
8. I worry that I won’t remember what I’ve read.
9. I get bogged down in detail before I’ve really understood the big picture.
10. I think I am or may be dyslexic.
11. I want to improve the way I read.

Tick the ones that describe you
1. I love reading.
2. I read a lot.
3. I am confident that I can handle information.
4. I can find key information quickly.
5. I use a variety of techniques and different processing speeds and rhythms for different material.
6. I’m familiar with the 80/20 rule or thin-slicing and I use it in my life.
7. I happily ignore information that is not relevant or that I already know.
8. I can decide within 2-3 minutes how useful a book is to me.
9. I can decide within 2-3 minutes how long it will take me to get the information I need from a book.
10. I know the difference between a good and a bad book (before I’ve read it).
11. I always know why I am reading before I start.

If you answered yes to 9 or more of the statements you may already be a natural speed reader. You may also be surprised to find that photoreading and speed reading can give you new insights into how to fine-tune your existing skills to accelerate your learning, save time and become a super speed reader.

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What if when you read you could focus on the information that really matters?

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world can, because with speed reading and photoreading we cut through the complexities of processing and managing information. We believe that reading more, remembering more and saving time while reading should just be… easier.

6 reasons to choose our photoreading – speed reading course  

1. You learn more on our courses. In addition to speed reading and photoreading, you get additional techniques unique to the spd rdng approach.
2. You learn quicker and more effectively. The coaches are specialists in accelerated learning. They present the course in a way which helps you ‘get it’, so results are immediate and by the end of the course you can do it. There is no need to practice the skills after the speed reading course – just use them or putting them to practice.
3. You get what you need. Most courses teach a ‘one size fits all’ system, but our focus is on getting you to read better (whatever that takes).
4. You experience advanced syntopic reading (with joker) and process 4 books in 90 minutes – as well as processing two other books during the course.
5. Expertise and wisdom of two photoreading, speed-reading, strategic reading coaches will ensure attention to your own particular requirements
6. You will feel more optimistic, energetic, efficient and effective. Research suggests that speed readers are happier and more successful.

The difference between traditional reading, photoreading, speed reading and spd rdng – super speed reading

TraditionalSpeed readingPhotoreadingSpd rdng
SlowFasterFastVery fast
No techniques, just readingA few techniques to move eyes faster to scan textIncludes speed reading and adds photoreading techniqueIncludes traditional reading, speed reading, photoreading and transcends them and improves them
One word at a time processNo real process, just reading more words at one time5-step process37-technique process
Reading for the sake of reading. No purpose.Very basic speed reading but without a clear purpose. Speed reading with a simple purpose.Super speed reading with a SMART purpose.

Traditional reading

• slow, read every word, detail to overview approach
• assumes unlimited time
• everything of equal value and all details need analysis
• old, in existence since the development of writing

Speed reading

• a few techniques for increasing the movement and speed of the eyes
• developed during the WW II


• both a technique (downloading the book into the long-term memory) and the name of the complete system – The PhotoReading Whole Mind System
• includes speed reading techniques
• sequential steps, including the photoreading technique
• added techniques, such as syntopic reading
• new paradigm: information processing rather than classical/traditional reading
• developed in 1986

Spd rdng – super speed reading

• immediate results – by the end of the course you can do it!
• uniquely focuses on getting you to read better (whatever that takes), rather than on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ reading system
• includes speed reading and all elements of the photoreading system and transcends them and improves them
• an open flexible process
• gives people choice and control to develop their own strategies for reading
• processing for learning (difference) rather than confirmation and understanding
• adds unique elements such as rhizomapping, the syntopic reading joker
• easier to learn
• quicker, more efficient, more effective
• quick, overview to detail, assumes limited time, focuses on core concepts and meaning first, active, purposeful, questioning
• developed in 2004

During the speed reading part of the course, you will learn all classic speed reading techniques and more.

Speed read large volumes of information quickly & effectively: at least 6 books during the two-day Speed Reading – Photoreading course.

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Speed Reading Individual Coaching Sessions available