The PhotoReading Whole Mind System

The PhotoReading Whole Mind System is a proven process to complete your reading in the time you have, at the comprehension level you need. It allows you to absorb and integrate information in moments and is the much-needed skill for these times. Time is precious, that’s why super achievers use PhotoReading to get results as part of their time management. Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies Corporation developed PhotoReading and has been applying innovative learning technologies for the past 20 years.

During the photoreading course in London – you will discover and learn:

• how to read and learn 200%, 300%, 400%·..% faster and with better comprehension
• how your mind understands and learns
• activation techniques including mind mapping, skittering, super- reading and dipping, and rapid reading
• enhance the use of your intuition to choose good books
• how to learn languages faster than before with photoreading
• accelerate learning, improve memory and concentration
• syntopic reading
• direct learning

How does PhotoReading work?

Photoreading is based on 3 principles:
• 4-11% words in most books carry all the meaning (80/20 rule)
• The subconscious mind can process more than the conscious mind
• Information goes directly to the long-term memory via the peripheral vision

Information overload. Do you know the feeling?

Information overload. Do you know the feeling?




The PhotoReading Whole Mind System consists of 5 steps:

1. Preparation Stating your purpose and entering an ideal state for learning.
2. Previewing Scanning the information to make a decision whether to go further and discovering the 4-11% of the text that includes the key messages to satisfy your purpose for reading the material.
3. PhotoReading Taking in (downloading) all the information from the text at a speed of 25.000 words per minute – or if you like, one page per second into the subconscious mind where it can be processed. Our conscious mind can process 7 (+/-2) bits of information at a time. The subconscious mind processes at least 20.000 bits of information at a time.
4. Postviewing Extracting very detailed information if needed.
5. Activation Building a conscious understanding of the text with a variety of speed reading techniques.

PLEASE NOTE The PhotoReading step itself isn’t “traditional/conventional reading” at 25,000 words per minute

Whatever information you wish to acquire, PhotoReading ensures your individual progress and sets in motion a learning process that dynamically uses each learner’s capabilities, always keeping pace with individual cognitive style and rhythm. The method stimulates self-motivation and offers constant reinforcement of each learner’s sense of accomplishments. PhotoReading is more than speed reading. Instead of requiring you to move your eyeballs faster, PhotoReading enables you to use your brain more effectively.

PhotoReading does not give you a photographic memory nor instant recall of everything. It simply makes visual information faster to process and easier to use with more choice to how to do it.

A general overview of the PhotoReading program in London

• Introduction of the photoreading coaches
• A general introduction to the PhotoReading Whole Mind System
• Expectations and goals for the class
• Testing your reading speed
• Introduction to all elements of the Photoreading system
• What PhotoReading is and isn’t and how it works
• Accelerated listening
• Brain Gym
• Developing the PhotoReading Whole Mind System
• Learning Process (discovering the stages of learning)
• How the mind understands, learns and remembers
• In-depth experience of the 5 steps of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System: Preparation, Preview, PhotoReading, Postview, Activation (super-reading and dipping, skittering and mind mapping)
• Use the Photoreading system with all kinds of reading material. Deepen your knowledge and transfer your skills to achieve desired outcomes.
• Removing the blocks to learning and developing the skills of PhotoReading
• Activating through group discussion (using an article)
• Direct learning and learning languages with photoreading
• Syntopic reading (using 4 books and a ‘joker’)
• Testing your new reading speed

During the Photoreading seminar in London, UK, you will learn all you need to know about how to use the PhotoReading Whole Mind System. During 2 days you will photoread and work with 6 books (6 of yours) and 1 article. However, like with any skill, it may take some time and usage for it to become second nature.

To summarise

• The 5 step Photoreading system enables you to process information at least 2-3 times faster with increased comprehension
• The PhotoReading step itself is “downloading” the printed page
• The PhotoReading step itself isn’t “traditional reading” at 25,000 words per minute
• With the Photoreading system, we use intentionally the subconscious mind and physical relaxation to enhance learning
• Photoreading is an American branded name for an advanced speed reading

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