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Learn photoreading and speed reading with the leading edge experts in photoreading and speed reading in the UK.

Jan Cisek – PhotoReading and Speed Reading Expert

Jan Cisek – PhotoReading and Speed Reading Expert

Jan Cisek was the first PhotoReading Instructor to be licensed in the UK in 2001 and since then he has taught the skills to thousands of people worldwide, as well as presenting at numerous conferences internationally.

He has studied and integrated Accelerated Learning, speed reading, PhotoReading, NLP and Systems Thinking.

He is also an environmental psychologist interested in how learning is affected by the environment.

He’s the co-author of Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible.

Books that changed my life and inspired me (Jan Cisek)

Susan Norman – Speed Reading and Accelerated Learning Expert

Susan Norman – Speed Reading and Accelerated Learning Expert

Susan Norman is an experienced photoreader, speed reader and speed reading instructor and teacher and has been running the courses with Jan since 2004. Together they have developed many innovative additions which make it easier to learn speed reading and photoreading quickly and easily.

As a former Director of SEAL (Society For Effective Affective Learning), she has proved her expertise in accelerated learning techniques and presents regularly on international and national courses and conferences.

She is the author of more than 40 books in the field of accelerated learning, language teaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Two photoreading and speed reading experts

The vital difference is that you’ll learn from the experiences of two speed-reading, photoreading teachers who come from totally different academic backgrounds which in our opinion gives the seminar much more depth and covers the subject from a wider perspective.

Bespoke Speed Reading & PhotoReading Individual Coaching Sessions available

• A special two-day programme tailored to your specific needs
• For professionals, executives, managers
• With the UK leading expert in strategic business reading
• To fit your schedule and location
• Fee: starting from £1900/two-day one-to-one coaching (with one coach); £3000 with two coaches – depending on the location and set up

“Dear Jan, I am full of gratitude to both of you for offering me this amazing opportunity over the weekend. As with everything, I am well aware that it is the practice that will get me there and I am committed to photoreading a few books every week. Thank you both – you complement each other and are very professional facilitators. A good balance of info, humour, passion and commitment. All the ingredients for a successful formula for learning how to read faster. Thank you again to both of you. With gratitude and love.” Peggy O’Hare, Richmond, Surrey, UK  Read more PhotoReading & speed reading testimonials

CPD Accredited 

We are delighted to announce that our spd rdng (speed reading) courses are now CPD accredited. The two-day speed reading course gives you 14 hours of CPD points. One-day speed reading courses depend on the number of teaching hours.

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21033



Jan Cisek: jan@photoreading.co.uk  M: 07956 288 574  / +44 7956 288 574
Contact: Susan Norman: susan@spdrdng.com

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