Testimonials from Photoreaders and Speed Readers (selection)

The full list of testimonials from speed readers and photoreaders

“What a great fun, filled speed reading course – it met all my expectations and more. It was completely practical and already I can see the huge benefits. I will be able to apply immediately in my job.”
Cathy Busani, London, Managing Director of Happy Ltd

“I achieved my target of processing written material 5 times faster after the 2-day photoreading course. Four days after the photoreading course I attended the university seminar. I processed 6 heavy academic tomes! No one else managed to read more than one book. I knew at least 80% of the material we needed to cover and was able to talk about it in a coherent and knowledgeable way. Everyone was amazed.”
Adam Hearn, Medical Anthropology student, Spain Watch Susan Norman (Speed Reading Coach, London UK) talking about Adam’s success with photoreading and speed reading

“Incredible speed reading – photoreading course. I feel like a whole world has opened up for me. Was able to return a client’s book after it’s been on my bookshelf for 4 weeks. And after the 20 minutes speed reading & mindmapping – and then memorising the mindmap in 10 minutes, was able to have a really good (and rather impressive) discussion about the book… it took him weeks to read and me only 20 minutes… Another client I went to today pulled out a thick textbook on direct marketing and wanted to know what I thought of it. Being able to now read strategically, I “speed read” the whole book in about 1 minute… and told her not to bother with it because what she was looking for she would not find in that specific book… Wow – this is really incredible. Thank you very very much.”
Rudi Jansen, Business Coach, UK

Revolutionary! An outstanding photoreading course. It’s made a dramatic difference. Should be taught in every school.”
Mark Trewren, Social Entrepreneur, London UK, Founder of Ecostaurus – Online Organic and Eco Shop, UK

Newton Brown (Actor, London) talks about his experience with speed reading / photoreading course

“I found the photoreading programme something of a revelation as it has given me so many exciting techniques to use and has made me feel far more in control of al the written information that was previously making me feel scared!”
Shirley Greenaway, London UK

“This photoreading course went beyond my expectations – My exam results showed that very clearly!”
Helen Campbell, London, UK

“I went to college after 30 years and graduated with highest honours – all due to the photoreading course. It taught me how to learn and read anything more easily, and it helped build my confidence to a degree I had never experienced before.” Dr. Carol Reiners, USA

“Remarkable photoreading course! Just totally opened up a whole new way of looking at books and changed my paradigm, my thoughts on books which I think is going to open up an unbelievable amount of possibilities for me. Time. Save time, energy. Increase enjoyment – just exciting…”
Henry Garrett, Actor, London UK

“Once one has reached the threshold of one’s learning abilities it is necessary to investigate methods which are commonly thought of as unorthodox. The Photo-reading course helped me increase my ability to learn after this skill had remained stagnant and at the peak of it’s development for a number of years. The photoreading course has worked for me and has noticeably increased my performance in both professional and educational activities. In any case, the course was fun and the instructors provided for an excellent weekend!”
Adam Skoczylas, Student, Warsaw, Poland

“Thanks for the information. Yep we use photo reading as part of our research strategy and it’s amazing how many books one gets through. I’ve also found that when reading a novel, I am getting through those quicker as well. Thanks.”
Irene Foxley :-), UK

“Dear Jan, Results are in!!! I got 74.1% in the biology exam. (Distinction is 70%) The weird thing is that last week I would have been jumping for joy if I had just passed at 60% and today I’m feeling a teeny bit miffed that I only got 74.1…. I guess I’m just going to have to work on that perfectionist thing!!! Hope you are both well and happy.”
Helen, London, UK

“Dear Jan, I am full of gratitude to both of you for offering me this amazing opportunity over the weekend. As with everything, I am well aware that it is the practice that will get me there and I am committed to photoreading a few books every week. Thank you both – you complement each other and are very professional facilitators. A good balance of info, humour, passion and commitment. All the ingredients for a successful formula for learning how to read faster. Thank you again to both of you. With gratitude and love.”
Peggy O’Hare, Richmond, Surrey, UK

“PhotoReading has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I must read at least four books a month to keep up in the computer industry. During the first 55 days of using photoreading and speed reading techniques I read 27! books in diversified areas such as technology, self-improvement, fiction and non-fiction.”
Juan Chico

“Dear Jan, Just thought I would let you know that college has now finished and I went to pick up my overall results on Thursday. The pass rate is 60% Distinction is 70% I got… Biology I 80% Biology II 73% So as you can imagine – I am very pleased. I am quite confident that the photoreading helped enormously. Thanks to both of you. Hope you are both still having fun and enjoying teaching your photoreading course. Much love.”
Christine, London UK

“From a book a week to a book an hour. I wish I’d learned PhotoReading 15 years ago – it would have saved me an incredible amount of time. I’m just glad to have discovered a vastly superior reading strategy for the next 15 years. Do yourself a favour, and take advantage of this opportunity to get the PhotoReading system today. You’ll be glad you did!”
Steve Pavlina, PhotoReader, USA

This photoreading course was brilliant. I really enjoyed myself and learnt so much. I feel so light and uplifted which is amazing. I feel as if a great load has been lifted. I’m actually excited at the thought of studying. A real breakthrough in reading. Thank you very much. ”
Jasbinder Kaur, Financial Services, London UK

“Speed reading and photoreading more than met my expectations. Inspirational and motivating training. Thank you.”
Donna Carty, Trainer, London UK

“If you’re not sure whether photoreading and speed reading are for you, take the plunge. You won’t regret it!”
Yung Chai, Librarian, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey UK

“I had convinced myself I was a bad reader, but I left this photoreading course feeling as though there is nothing I cannot achieve. THANK YOU!!”
Accountant, Surrey, UK

“Fun, stimulating – and the speed reading results were immediate!”
Kevin Sandhu, London UK

“My business success depends on understanding the environment I operate in. I must constantly reevaluate to minimise risk and maximise profits. PhotoReading and speed reading is one of the greatest tools I have to cover more ground and do it faster than the competition. PhotoReading has helped me use my time wisely – opening more time for my family. It gives me balance. Thank you.”
Jim Williamson, Banker, Vienna, Austria

“Eye-opening. Mind-blowing course. The possibilities with photoreading are endless. Can’t wait to use it all.”
Zahir Khan, Manchester UK

“I felt a big shift not just in my speed reading abilities, but also in what I now feel is possible. Can’t thank you enough.”
Louise, London, UK

“Thank you for the photoreading course and showing me a much more efficient way of reading and learning.”
Roshini Dominic, London UK

“Genuinely outstanding. It was all I could have hoped for and more!”
Student, Warsaw, Poland

“I am paid more money now, because I can keep up with the massive amounts of information in my industry, something my colleagues cannot do. I also have more free time because I don’t have to spend so much time reading. I used to be swamped with reading, but no more!
Morgan Hartt, Washington DC, USA

“This photoreading course really is a whole-mind system! It’s a revolutionary way to free up your reading forever!”
Medical student, Denmark

“Good fun, great ideas, solid speed reading techniques. You’ve made it so easy to learn. Thanks.”
Lawyer, New York, USA

“Learned to read faster, memorise more and save time – great value for the money.”
Nicolas Aremor, Medical Student, Cyprus

“I read more in 90 minutes with you than in 1 month before
Manager, London UK

Susan Norman (Speed Reading Coach, London, UK) talks about Adam’s success with photoreading (watch Adam talking about it at the top of this page)

“This speed reading course was very empowering and helped me overcome a great deal of doubt the process and increased my self-belief.”
Amardeep Gill, London

“Thank you. You are great speed reading coaches.”
Florest Cambran, London

“A two-day course during which I did not ‘switch off’ once. That’s definitely a first for me.”
Niina Ezewuzie, London

“A powerful and empowering tool! I feel I can go forth and tackle any professional exam or study.”
Catalina Cervera Begbaaji, London

“A revelation! It’s like a new love of learning life.”
Dotun Begbaaji, London

“Incredible how much I have improved in 2 days – my reading speed as improved 2x and I understand more, at least twice as much.”
Raina Malik, London

“Huge sense of achievement: I have read the books I’ve been meaning to open for a very long time.”
Imogen Mcevedy, London

“A speed reading workshop that breaks down the act of reading and rebuilds it a more efficient way.”
Andrew Gray Wardle, London

“Unlearning the way you read and then being able to read a lot more. I never knew I could read a book in 20 minutes. Thanks.”
Helen Liu, London

“Get what you need from books without feeling guilty that you haven’t read every single page. Don’t be scared of your books. Use them.”
Davide Marchisio, London

“I have been using the techniques more in my pleasure reading, and have also used various methods for work-related material which I have found incredibly powerful. I used to have a resistance to reading as I tended to read every word and so I felt that it was always a chore. I now enjoy reading, so much so that I will be getting a kindle so that I never run out of books. I am very grateful for the course and I would like to give special thanks to Jan for his enthusiastic and versatile style, he made a busy weekend all the more fulfilling. Money very well spent.”
Dave Shipsey,

“Very practical speed reading techniques – down to earth – and a great learning experience.”
Andy Holles, UK

“A very well presented photoreading – speed reading course in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”
Paul Hudson, UK

“Incredible learning experience!”
S Sharp, London UK

“Speed reading offers a different and very effective way to approach reading and information gathering.”
Kevin Sweaney, London UK

“Taking a book that has been lying in my bookshelf for 4 weeks untouched and now getting through if in 20 minutes – WOW! Thanks, Jan & Susan for this incredible and life-changing information.”
Rudi Jansen, Coach, UK

“This speed reading, photoreading course gave me the freedom to approach reading differently for different purposes – so the choice is mine.”
Kerri, London UK

“Speed reading is an excellent way of keeping up with the information age AND finding the extra time!”
Holly Rhodes, Richmond Surrey, UK

“Speed reading / photoreading is fantastic!”
Marcus Aviles, Kent UK

“Great photoreading and speed reading course! Thank you”
Terry Solomon, London UK
Watch Terry talk about his experience after he completed the course in London, UK.

“Thanks again for all the inspiration last weekend. Loved the photoreading – speed reading course.”
Alanna, London UK

“This London speed reading – photoreading course was well planned and organised with very clear instructions and plenty of time for exercises. Also having two-speed reading coaches was very good because all my questions were answered during the course. The best course I attended this year.”
Jenny, London, UK

“This speed reading program really helped me in doubling my reading speed instantly.”
David Vidya Sagar Gadda, Bristol, UK

“Eye-opening, a fantastic speed reading course taught in a very good manner in a relaxed environment with instant results that will keep improving.”
Ajay Patel, London, UK

“Although I have dyslexia, this speed reading training gave me more trust and abilities in reading. Thank you for this!”
Stephan Clarrise, Amsterdam, Holland

“Excellent speed reading course with concrete results after only two days. Helpful teachers with a lot more interesting topics to talk about.”
Tristan Bains, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“A very practical and useful speed reading course.”
Student, London UK

“Awesome and inspiring speed reading course, will recommend to all my colleagues and friends without hesitation!”
Sheena Saeed, London UK

“I hope to get through the pile of books with very little anxiety.”
Raksha Kukadia, Greenford UK

“Simple concepts but profound effects!” Mekbib Solomon, London UK

“Excellent course. I could happily say several of my expectations were fulfilled. Will recommend it!”
Devika Poovancheri, London UK

“Learning has never been so much fun. No has it ever been as immediately rewarding and eternally useful. By far the most important lesson I’ve attended as I will be taking it all to all my other lessons.”
Tamara Berber, Student, London

“Not only does the course teach you to photoread, it also teaches you so much more. Thank you.”
Gary Dell, London

“If you do one course before you embark on your MA (or whatever study course) – this speed reading course is the one.”
Ilona Haslewood, London

“An inspiring course that combines superb teaching, a deep understanding of learning and practical speed reading techniques that you are ready to apply to any purpose as you walk out o the door at the end of this speed reading course.”
Lis Carter, London

“So much more than just about reading quickly. Focused speed reading techniques for maximising the reading experience.”
James Dellow, London

“This speed reading course gave me the confidence to pick up a book without having to feel I have to read every page to get the info I need.”
David Talha, London

“Excellent speed reading course. If you are hesitating over booking, just book! You won’t regret it. If you want to learn how to learn from a book, take more information, save time, increase exam confidence – just do it.”
Louise Levy, London

“A+. This speed reading course is a revelation. And delivered by two of the best.”
Sameer Pirmohamed, London

“I have struggled with time management, focused learning and getting lost in the details of a subject – now I feel I have improved on all 3 and anything is possible!. Thanks so much!”
Karen Baldwin, London

“This speed reading course far exceeded my expectations. It’s one of those courses that you say ‘why didn’t anyone teach me this when I was a kid’.”
Deborah Sanders, London

“Speed reading has changed the way I read and my life. I can apply this skills I have learned in every area of my life.”
Michelle Esclapez, London

“One of the best courses I have ever been on in my life. NOT an exaggeration.”
Shirley Brooks, London

“I’m really surprised how many of the techniques I already used. And I know how to use them effectively. I’m almost looking forward to go to the library tomorrow and work on my assignments:)”
Romina Kiresth, London

Endorsements for photoreading

“I have seen Paul Scheele help countless numbers of people to discover a faster, more efficient path to success through his PhotoReading system. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time.”
Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

“PhotoReading is the best way to get through the top business books of today.”
Brian Tracy, best-selling author and international expert on entrepreneurship and selling

“If time is money and reading takes time, then I heartedly recommend saving money and time with this brilliant guide. For those of us in the fast lane, the PhotoReading Whole Mind System isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”
Harvey Mackay, Author of Swim with the Sharks and Beware of the Naked Man

“Leaders today grasp new ideas quickly, read voraciously across many important topics, and need to stay current with the latest advances in their fields. The PhotoReading Whole Mind System shows me how to do it all.”
Ken Blanchard, Ph.D., Co-author of the eight-million selling One Minute Manager

“If you read more slowly than you’d like, consider taking a course to increase not only your reading speed but also how fast you absorb the information. The best resource I’ve found is the PhotoReading course.”
Jack Canfield, writing in his New York Times bestselling book The Success Principles

“PhotoReading combines all the most efficient reading strategies—proven in university studies over many years—with what is now known about the phenomenal perceptive capabilities of the human brain.”
“It is undoubtedly the best accelerative reading improvement program available today. And, it is presented so that the average person can benefit immediately, and for a lifetime.”
Dr J. Michael Bennett, one of the few scholars in the world who has a doctorate in reading said, the University of Minnesota

The full list of testimonials from speed readers and photoreaders