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Double or triple your reading speed in two-day Speed Reading – Photoreading Course in London with two top UK experts.

Learn how to process large volumes of information quickly, effectively and easily.

In a world of information overload, wouldn’t it be nice to read faster and get through books, reports and emails in the time you choose? And to retain and remember more of what you read? With Speed-Reading and PhotoReading, you can.

Take our speed reading / photoreading test now to find out how our course can help you.

PhotoReading is a new skill which goes beyond traditional reading and speed reading. It is quick and easy to learn whether you are a student, in business, in personal development or you just love reading. Read expert PhotoReading tips

During the PhotoReading course you will learn:

1. to process large volumes of information at least 200%… 300%… 400%… faster
2. PhotoReading, Speed Reading and a range of techniques to speed up your reading: skimming, skittering, scanning, downloading, thin-slicing
3. techniques to release your blocks to reading efficiently
4. to absorb reports and technical information 
5. setting precise goals and clarifying different purposes for different materials
6. note-taking and note-making using mind-maps and rhizomaps (rhizomatic mapping)
7. syntopic reading and direct (implicit) learning
8. how to use the power your concentration to read more and remember more
9. how to retain and remember more information effectively
10. how to become a Strategic Reader. The difference between ineffective readers and effective readers is that they have developed strategies to read.
11. how to power your reading – what do you want from your ‘improved’ reading?


1. You learn more on our courses. In addition to speed reading and photoreading, you get additional techniques unique to the speed learning approach
2. You learn quicker and more effectively. The coaches are specialists in accelerated learning and speed learning. They present the course in a way which helps you ‘get it’, so results are immediate and by the end of the course you can do it.
3. You get what you need. Most courses teach a ‘one size fits all’ system, but our focus is on getting you to read better (whatever that takes).
4. You experience advanced syntopic reading (with joker) and process 4 books in 90 minutes – as well as processing two other books during the course.
5. Experiences of the two world-leading expert photoreading, speedreading coaches
6. You will feel more optimistic, energetic and powerful. It’s official – photoreaders and speed readers are happier – read PhotoReading Blog

How this PhotoReading course is different from other Speed Reading courses:
1. Our system teaches you how to use your non-conscious mind optimally both fordownloading information – and for accessing what you need to remember.
2. Our system has been greatly simplified and optimised with speed learning approach so it’s easier and quicker to learn – leaving time to add in all the support techniques which will help you put it into practice more effectively.

PhotoReading Individual Coaching Sessions available

POWER YOUR READING – What do you want from your ‘improved’ reading?

Most people start by saying that they want to ‘read faster’ – and on this PhotoReading course you will definitely learn ways of reading faster. However, what they also mean by ‘read faster’ is that they want to ‘save time’ and ‘get through many more books’. And when they think about it, they also want other things, such as reading more efficiently and effectively.

So this PhotoReading, Speed Reading course will help you with all of the following:
reading faster – using the same approach you’re using already, but doing it more quickly (through photoreading, speed reading, rapid reading and speeding up your brain, the power of concentration)
• using more effective reading strategies to save time – previewing, overviewing, only reading when you need to, getting through the pile!
finding information quickly – by hotspotting, thin-slicing, and using alternative sources to books
synthesizing information from a variety of sources – using syntopic reading (comparative reading)
• understanding what you read – by reading more, using other sources of reading, varying your reading speed, reading styles, reading modes, reading techniques
• passing exams with flying colours (GCSE, A Levels, university exams, final exams, AS Levels, etc)
• appraising – keeping an open but critical mind about what you read, using strategies to power your focus and concentrate
organising the information – using note-taking techniques such as mind-mapping and rhizomapping
retaining / remembering the information you need – using specific memory techniques and review strategies
• applying the information – by making sure you have a clear purpose and using the information as soon as possible
articulating the information – sharing the information with others so that it benefits you as well as them
• enjoying the process of reading – by mastering the power of concentration and how to be in the most effective state for reading and taking in information, and by succeeding!

If you have any questions regarding this PhotoReading course please call Jan NOW on 079 5628 8574 / 0044 7956 288574 or send him an email